Intellectual property rights are important assets for the future of your company.
As professionals in the field of intellectual property, we are looking forward to supporting your business to the fullest extent.

  • tomohiko kurosumi

    Representative Patent Attorney

    Graduated from the Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, Tokyo University of Science (Condensed Matter Physics).
    After experiencing the design/development of Factory Automation systems in an enterprise, he worked at Mori & Associates (Kurashiki, Okayama) since 2002.
    He passed the patent attorney examination in 2012, and established Crescendo Patent Firm in April 2018.
    His areas of expertise include machinery, electricity and electronics, and software.
    Qualified as a Specific Infringement Lawsuit Counsel.

  • kaya yakata

    Patent Attorney, Ph.D.

    Received Ph.D. in Biophysics from Kyoto University, Graduate School of Science.
    After engaging in research and development at Asahi Kasei Corporation, she worked at Mori & Associates (Kurashiki, Okayama) in 2015.
    She joined Crescendo Patent Firm in April 2018 and passed the patent attorney examination in 2019.
    She served as a lecturer at Okayama University Graduate School in 2020 (Theory of Intellectual Property).
    Her areas of expertise include chemistry, life science and machinery.
    TOEIC score: 965.

  • kazumasa hino

    Patent Attorney

    He has been involved in the development of ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning) and other systems as a programmer since he was a student in the Department of Science, School of Education at Waseda University.
    After working as a development and operation engineer for in-house information infrastructure at a foreign telecommunication company and a domestic electronics manufacturer, he started his own business as an independent software and database engineer.
    He worked in the engineering industry for about 10 years before passing the patent attorney examination in 2012.
    After working for a major patent firm and others in Tokyo, he established Hino Patent Firm in 2016 in Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture.
    His areas of expertise include software, electricity and electronics.

  • ikumi tsuboya

    Patent Engineer

    Received Master’s degree in Electrical Property Engineering from the University of Electro-Communications, Graduate School of Electro-Communications.
    After graduation, he was engaged in design and development of LCD TVs at a electronics manufacturer.
    During his tenure at the manufacturer, he completed his master’s course in business administration at the Tokyo Metropolitan University Graduate School of Sociology.
    He has been working at a patent office in Tokyo since July 2009.
    In March 2021, he moved to Okayama and joined Crescendo Patent Firm.
    His areas of expertise include semiconductor, electricity and electronics, and machinery.
    His hobbies are strength training and watching soccer.

  • K. W.

    K. W.  
    Patent Clerk

    Graduated from Notre Dame Seishin University, Department of English Language and Literature (English Language and Linguistics Course).
    After working as a sales representative for a housing manufacturer in Okayama prefecture, she joined Mori & Associates (Kurashiki, Okayama) in 2001, where she worked as a patent clerk.
    She joined Crescendo Patent Firm in May 2018.
    Her hobby is singing (she played alto when she belonged to a chorus club) and studying history.

  • S. Y.

    S. Y.  
    Patent Clerk

    Received a Master’s degree in Chemical and Environmental Engineering from Tokyo Institute of Technology.
    After working for a major manufacturer on the development of materials for ceramic parts for batteries, she worked for another major manufacturer on quality assurance.
    After moving to Okayama, she joined Crescendo Patent Firm in January 2021.
    Her hobby is singing (she played soprano in a Greek Club when she was a student).